Making money through affiliate marketing is often considered to be the best method in both worlds. You can add value to your blog by generating indirect revenue, which is an effective way to gather quality resources for your audience. Income! If you have a personal finance blog, you can make money with online finance affiliate programs in UK that help your readers achieve their financial goals.

Affiliate marketing is a program UK that you choose to suit your needs and your audience. Fortunately, there are many personal financial management software available for bloggers. We have the best, most accurate marketing advice and the best affiliate projects. But first, let’s see how network sharing works: How is it different from really shared applications?

UK Banks’ financial participation programs

CT Bank:

CIT Bank has been in operation since 1908 and is headquartered in Southern California. However, many people choose to use online banking products such as checks, savings accounts, financial markets and loans.

And what about KIT Bank, which is a strong bank with high bank profitability? The organization is currently run by CJ affiliates. Earn $ 100 by registering and accepting your account.


BBVA is an FDIC-sponsored bank that offers everything from small private banks to commercial banks. They have created a mobile banking app that allows you to earn $ 85 for each friend you visit, whether it’s a deposit, a free bank account or a simple phone call. Join the CJ affiliate program.

Affiliate UK programs credit rating

Credit Karma

You may have heard of CreditKarma. This is a free tool to help you recover your credit history. CreditKarma now works with Impact Radius. Payments start at $ 2 per person. The basic application deadline is 30 days.

This means that if someone clicks on the link but does not register immediately, you can receive a commission within 30 days if you register. Register here and use this UK affiliate program.

Sesame Credit

CreditSesame is similar to CreditKarma, so you have to sign up for two affiliate programs to give your audience more choice. CreditSesame affiliate programs pay a commission. Orders (average $ 3-6). When you first sign up, you can expect to start small, but plan to meet with your account manager to make more money over time. Here you can sign up for the HasOffer CreditSesame Affiliate Program. offers interest rates, free loans and short-term loans. These methods include suspecting suspicious items in the credit report, suspecting incorrect account information, and repaying the loan on time.

They are usually ordered from Progexion and the good cakes are stored for up to 365 days. This means that if someone clicks on your link, they can sign up for another 12 months and receive a commission at any time.

If someone registers with and makes their first payment within 15 days, the UK affiliate program will reimburse them. The agent makes the payment in stages according to the value of the received order.

UK Debt reduction / financial savings partner programs

Reject public debt

National Debt Relief is a credit card company. They have an online application that can save you $ 27.50 on all your debt consolidation steps. Eligible applicants must be from the United States other than CT KS ME NH or SC VT WV. Additional information: Register here.


SoFi is known for refinancing student loans as well as offering private loans, mortgages and investment opportunities. For other programs run by CJ Affiliates, you can get $ 100 for loan applications and $ 150 for student loan refinancing.


Ibotta has a discount plan that gives you a discount when you shop online. Run the Ibota Impact Radius notebook if necessary.